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NuPrime Omnia S1


Purpose Built Audio DLNA Server and Renderer

The Omnia S1 is a purpose-built audio equipment that performs both as a Server and a Receiver (a.k.a Renderer or Streamer) for your Digital Audio collection. The Server and Renderer are both DLNA/UPnP compatible, therefore allowing the flexibility of streaming music stored on the Omnia S1 to other DLNA/UPnP compatible renderers; and also streaming music from other DLNA/UPnP compatible servers to the Omnia S1. You can choose to use any DLNA/UPnP compatible controller software (e.g. Bubble UPnP) with the Omnia.

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Most audiophile music servers use PC based core with premium connectors, power supply, and chassis. They relied on Linux/Windows low latency audio paths (e.g., ASIO/WASAPI) to achieve the desired performance. Being a digital transport without the moving parts of a disc-based system, the performance of the Omnia S1 surpasses most CD transports. The dedicated firmware designed for low latency playback enables a superior quality compared to typical PC or ARM-based offerings.

The firmware used for the Omnia S1 is based on Google’s Android operating system. A custom audio driver and hardware were developed which are used by the Renderer to send bit-perfect digital audio via the digital outputs. It also allows Hi-Res PCM audio, DSD(DoP) and I2S playback through a compatible DAC.

Usage Notes

Switching between Local Play & Renderer Play for Omnia S1 – If a remote DLNA controller controls Omnia S1 for receiving streaming music, it locks the Omnia S1. Local play will not be possible until the remote controller has released Omnia S1.

Local Play – It is the function where an App (typically a streaming service app or a media player such as YouTube) runs directly on Omnia S1 and bypass the resident Omnia Renderer. The Local Play and Omnia Renderer go through different audio device APIs. Therefore when Local Play is occurring on Omnia S1, it can not accept streaming music.

Renderer – The Omnia S1 Renderer is a system application that receives DLNA compatible wireless audio stream from other devices (or from its local server). The Renderer access a set of audio device driver API optimized for Omnia S1 sound board processing to achieve optimal audio performance.

Playing Hi-Res Music directly on Omnia S1 – Use any DLNA compatible App (such as BubbleUPnP) on a mobile device as a controller to browse the music library on Omnia S1 and “stream” to the Renderer that resides on the same Omnia S1 or other remote Omnia S1. This playback method offers the best performance, and it is the recommended use of Omnia S1.

Streaming from Omnia S1 – Use NuPrime Omnia Receiver app to stream from any Omnia S1 to one or more Omnia WR-1 in a one to one,  or multi-room setup. The Omnia Receiver app can not be used to stream from Omnia S1 to other Omnia S1. It was designed to work with proprietary multi-room Omnia WR-1. Please refer to “Playing Hi-Res Music directly on Omnia S1” section above for streaming to Omnia S1.


Supported Audio Formats

  • File Types
  • Bitrates
    16bits, 24bits, 32bits
  • Sample Rates
    Refer to the different output options below



  • 1 x USB 3.0 port for hard disk and system upgrade use
  • 4 X USB 2.0 ports for mouse, keyboard, WiFi dongle, and hard disk



  • Coaxial Output (PCM up to 192kHz and DoP format DSD64)
  • Optical Output (PCM up to 192kHz and DoP format DSD64)
  • HDMI I2S output (PCM 32K to 768K, DSD64 to DSD1024)
  • HDMI Display Output (video only)



  • RJ45 Ethernet Port (Wired)
  • USB WiFi dongle (Wireless)



  • •Hardware Reset Button
  • Dimensions: 235 mm W x 281 mm D x 55 mm H (including feet)
  • •Weight: 4Kg
  • •Worldwide AC voltage: (90VAC~130VAC // 210VAC~ 250VAC)
  • AC Fuse: Slow-blow, 1.5A, 250VA
  • Available in Black or Silver color

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 360 × 390 × 80 cm

Black, Silver


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