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High-End DAC & Preamp with Analog Stereo Input

The AMG DAC uses dual ESS DACs with discrete Class-A transistors for natural, detailed, and expansive sound stage sound characteristics. With five digital including IIS/DSD and one analog stereo inputs, RCA stereo and XLR balanced outputs, and decoding capability of PCM 384K, DSD256, the NuPrime AMG-DAC is a reference-class DAC designed for studio professionals and high-end audiophiles.

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As the heart of an audio system, the AMG DAC supports an extensive number of inputs and formats. Dual ESS Technology 32-bit audio DAC ESS9028Q2M independently decode left and right channels improve channel separation and reducing overall noise. The Vishay professional film MELF resistors provide excellent sound quality.


In a modern high-end DAC, the preamp stage plays a prominent role in determining the sound quality and characteristics. AMG DAC preamp features the following designs that gives it a natural, relaxed and analog sound:

  • Output stage voltage amplification employing all discrete components.
  • Output stage current amplification utilizing a high-speed amplifier design.
  • “Current transmitter” has no negative feedback amplifier.



  • Muses 72320 volume control.
  • NuPrime SRC IC chip (co-developed with IC vendor) provides DSP processing where Input signals are up-sampled to megahertz before down converted to the targeted sampling rate with ultra-low jitter and distortion.
  • Extension port for Bluetooth receiver and WiFi audio streamer (optional).
  • Full microprocessor control with memory retention.
  • Supports DSD native playback by ASIO2.1 and DoP method.
  • Ultra-low-noise JFETs in the input stage for the lowest possible noise floor.
  • Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise level matching of sources.
  • USB Asynchronous transfer mode with driver software provided for Windows (driver not required for Mac OS and Linux)



  • C1: Coaxial input for CD/DVD/BD players, TV and any device with a coaxial source.
  • O2: Optical input for CD/DVD/BD players, TV and any device with an optical source.
  • U3: USB input for computer (PC/MAC) and for NAS devices.
  • E4: Extension port for Bluetooth or WIFI. (Optional)
  • A5: Stereo analog for CD/DVD/BD players, TV and any analog source device.
  • HE: IIS/DSD Digital input With HDMI cable to transfer IIS and DSD data from NuPrime source devices. Do not connect to the HDMI output of Set Top Box or BD / DVD player.



  • RCA unbalanced outputs: 2 Vrms
  • XLR balanced outputs: 4 Vrms
  • Trigger out



  • High Low Gain = X2
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz / ±0.3 dB.
  • SNR: > 110 dB.
  • THD+N: < 0.05%.
  • Dimensions: 235 mm W x 300 mm D x 55 mm H (including feet)
  • Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Worldwide AC voltage: (90VAC~130VAC // 210VAC~ 250VAC) With Voltage Select Switch
  • AC Fuse: Slow-blow, 2.5A, 250VA


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