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Divine Acoustics Electra Generation 3


Electra Generation 3 is a floor-standing beauty. The sheer musicality, rhythm and spacious, engaging sound-staging will be yours to discover within a very elegant, room-friendly shallow-depth cabinet. It has been designed according to the CRC (Cabinet Resonance Control) design system. Every component in the CRC design system is carefully chosen for ultimate cabinet-to-driver integration. This is essential in achieving superior sound quality.

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Divine Acoustics Electra Generation 3 is a bottom vented bass-reflex floorstanding speaker. The side walls made of several layers of MDF and wooden board are forming a frame reinforced with a steel grating that strengthens also the front and rear walls. To further strengthen the cabinet, a laser-cut steel rim provides reinforcement at the height of the bass driver. Also, using steel at bottom wall adds stability and weight. Cabinet stands on a steel plinth finished with 4 chrome graphite spikes.


By using a custom made 25mm (1in) silk dome driven by a magnetic system with two chambers, the tweeter hence provides accurate treble reproduction. This design allows the damping of resonances as well as to match tweeter’s sensitivity with woofer’s. The magnetic motor is grounded and also employ BAD (Basket Accurate Dampening) system which optimizes driver’s performance. The tweeter is mounted into the cabinet with use of the TMI (Tweeter Multilayer Isolation) system and a safety a steel arch protects the tweeter from external damage.

A 13cm (5in) woofer handles the Mid-range and Bass. It combines a coated paper cone, that has very good resonance damping properties, with a very light and rigid one-layer carbon fiber, that improves impulse response. The Woofer sports a vented magnetic system protected by a copper ring, which additionally stabilizes magnetic field. The combination of BAD system and the driver’s excellent mechanical properties contribute to sensational low-frequency speed & definition and articulate mid-range reproduction.


The 2nd order crossover uses Divine Acoustics’ proprietary SGP (Single Ground Point) and RFpath (Resistor Free path) systems. Immaculately assembled by hand using point-to-point connection, it contains a high-end Jantzen Audio capacitors, precise metalized resistors and air core coils. All internal wiring uses pure copper ribbons.

Available in both Avantgarde and Elegance designs, choose from a wide range of cabinet finishes and metal trimmings.


Note: All Finishes comes with black leather except for Gloss White which comes in white leather.


  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Efficiency: 87dB
  • Recommended amplifier power: 8 – 60W
  • Recommended listening room area: 12 – 20m2 in stereo mode
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz (incl. bass-reflex port)
  • External dimensions: height: 107cm (42in); width: 27cm (10.6 in); depth: 12 cm (4.7 in)
  • Shipping weight: 2 x 17 kg (2 x 38 lbs)


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Avantgarde, Elegance


Black, Latte, Rosewood, Snakewood, White


Gold, Steely


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