Warranty and Support

The Warranty period of the products commences when you receive the product.

Warranty period for the products are as follows:

5 Years Limited Warranty (against Manufacturer defects):

  • Divine Acoustics Alya Speakers
  • Divine Acoustics Electra Speakers

2 Years Warranty:

  • NuPrime IDA-16
  • NuPrime DAC-10
  • NuPrime DAC-10H
  • NuPrime ST-10
  • NuPrime HD-AVA
  • NuPrime MCH-K38

1 Year Warranty:

  • NuPrime HPA-9
  • NuPrime IDA-8
  • NuPrime DAC-9
  • NuPrime STA-9
  • NuPrime HD-AVP
  • NuPrime uDSD
  • NuPrime WR-100
  • Celsus SP-One

For warranty claims, please provide a proof of purchase document (can be an electronic copy) together with the faulty unit to our office location.

If you wish to send in your unit for service or repair after the warranty period, just bring down the unit to our office location and we will contact you with the quote in a couple of days.

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