Celsus SP-ONE (Active)

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Celsus SP-ONE (Active)

Spacious sound stage, commanding bass, exemplary coherence and musicality

The Celsus SP One stands above bookshelf speakers in its price range for its superior sonic characteristic and stunning good looks.  The enclosure is made of a dense, premium-quality, naturally finished bamboo. The bamboo cabinet changes its hue with variations in room and natural lighting. One cannot fully appreciate this until he or she sees the speaker up close. It asks to be caressed. The grey anodized aluminum front panel and carbon fiber driver complete the stylish look. 

Size notwithstanding, the Celsus SP-ONE speaker can fill a room with audiophile-quality sound. The SP-ONE’s expansive soundstage, commanding bass and overall musicality puts it at the forefront of bookshelf designs. For more personal applications, the SP-ONE’s excellent nearfield characteristics, especially at low volume settings, makes it the perfect desktop companion.

The Active model includes power amplifier and bluetooth wireless audio where it can be used as a standalone wireless speaker or to receive music from external source device.

Features that enable SP-ONE to outperform similar speakers

  1. Deep Bass Carbon Fiber Woofer: lightweight 3.5 inch woven carbon-fiber cone, wave reflection structure and custom-designed magnet together produce a 65Hz frequency normally typical of larger woofers.
  2. Tweeter: soft dome, horn-loaded driver for a wide dispersion of highs – a design that lowers the crossover frequency in order to achieve a flatter frequency response. The soft-dome tweeter’s high-energy magnetic flux and self-cooling capability together produce an audibly clearer signal. 
  3. The SP-ONE’s double cavity allows for a bass reflex design capable of delivering powerful dynamics.
  4. CD-quality Bluetooth sound: together, the 4.0 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver module with aptX technology plus the SP-ONE’s noise-reduction circuit deliver CD-quality sound.
  5. Optimized Active Speaker Design: the SP-ONE audiophile-grade power amplifier‘s specific compatibility with speaker and Bluetooth module bring to life a vast, imposing soundstage rich in the music’s smallest details.


  • Enclosure is made of a dense, premium-quality, naturally finished bamboo*
  • Carbon Fiber Woofer with folding ring structure and custom-designed magnet together produces 50Hz deep bass and the most coherent sound.
  • Soft dome, horn-loaded tweeter for a wide dispersion of highs
  • Double cavity cabinet design allows for deep bass and powerful dynamics.
  • Optimized active speaker design

*Many lookalike speakers use bamboo designed skin on MDF wood


  • Frequency Response:50Hz to 22kHz
  • Impedance:6 Ohms
  • Power Rating:60W
  • Sensitivity:88db
  • Inputs: Bluetooth & Line In
  • Power Supply: AC adapter (DC19.5V, 3.16A)
  • 5V DC charging Port for external accessory
  • Dimension (H x W x D):H195 X W130 X D180mm
  • Weight: 2.3Kg/unit
  • Package Weight: 6.7Kg/pair
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