IDA-162016 TAS Editor's ChoiceTAS_POY_2015 NuPrime IDA-16 The Absolute Sound
"...when you consider the NuPrime IDA-16 has an advanced DAC built in, which will play virtually any digital recording available today, it’ s an even better value. Of course, if it didn’ t sound good, it wouldn’ t be a good value, no matter how low the price was, but it sounds excellent...The NuPrime IDA-16 DAC/amplifier along with the KEF LS50 speakers made a system that, if you’ll pardon a tired reviewer cliché, punched far above its weight. So to return to the question left open in the first paragraph: Yes, the NuPrime IDA-16 DAC/amplifier can indeed be called a bargain. Highly recommended...", - Vade Forrester, editor
IDA-8 2017 TAS Editor's Choice2016 TAS POTY2016 TAS Golden EarSoundstage_poty_2015 NuPrime IDA-8 SoundStage! Xperience
… the little IDA-8 sounded so refined and powerful that I soon decided that, to get a true measure of its sound, I needed to move it into my reference system. In that system I had a variety of high-end but still high-value speakers to use with the NuPrime IDA-8: the KEF R900, Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L, and GoldenEar Technology Triton Five. Even with those floorstanders, the IDA-8 was able to tightly control the low frequencies in Lorde’s bass-laden Pure Heroine (24/48 FLAC, Lava Music/Republic). The IDA-8’s midrange was also something special: exceedingly clean but very full, reproducing voices with clarity and presence while also providing their full weight and body…

…the NuPrime IDA-8 was so good that it seemed almost a shame to extract it from my reference rig and reinstall it in my second system, where it will remain as my new budget reference amplifier. It’s one of the best deals available in audio today…", - Roger Kanno (
ST-102016 TAS Editor's ChoiceTAS_POY_2015 NuPrime ST-10 The Absolute Sound
"...while the ST-10 produces a level of sound quality that unless you absolutely must have more power output capabilities, will make “upgrading” to anything but a far pricier and more powerful amplifier more of a sideways proposition than an upward one...

...over the years I’ve reviewed and used plenty of digital power amplifiers from Bel Canto, Wyred4Sound, April Music, and others, and I appreciate what a well-designed model can bring to a system. And it happens that the ST-10 is the best digital power amplifier I’ve heard to date...", - Steven Stone, editor
DAC-10H2016 TAS Editor's ChoiceTAS_POY_2015 NuPrime DAC-10H The Absolute Sound
"...Within their product categories the DAC-10H DAC/preamp and ST-10 basic power amplifier are priced at the lower mid-level, yet they both deliver a level of performance that could be considered exemplary regardless of their cost. The DAC-10H has the capabilities, sound, and feature set that should keep it current for a number of years...", - Steven Stone, editor

"…I could talk about the DAC and preamp capabilities of the DAC-10H all day—they're that good. But what I really want to focus on most is the headphone amplifier. It's really something special…NuPrime's is the real deal—fully balanced design, with gobs of power, all routed through that sweet lossless volume control system. This headphone stage was clearly taken very seriously...Maximum output is 4,000mW per channel into 32 ohm loads via the balanced output. It will do 3,200mW into 50 ohms and 1,600mW into 100 ohms, meaning every variety of planar magnetic headphone should theoretically be well served. And that's exactly how it played out in my testing. a DAC, it equals anything I've heard in its class. Add in the exceptional preamp stage, the cutting edge format support, the very generous connectivity, and of course that killer balanced headphone amp, and it seems NuPrime is ahead of the game...", - John Grandberg,
DA Electra 3 Best Product 2015 Divine Acoustics Electra Generation 3 High Fidelity Poland
"...These speakers take us on a different journey. They offer a trip into world of music where what matters most are colors, dynamics, naturalness and “freshness” of the sound. Separation of instruments is surely not a key element of the presentation – they all are elements of a bigger picture. Such approach is not a mistake – it is one of the possible choices. This presentation actually sounds a lot like we hear instruments playing live. It's a sophisticated performance, open, effortless and most of all – very clean. These are not speakers that will perform at their best when pushed to the limits, but as long as you keep the volume at reasonable levels they will perform great. It is a well thought-through, wonderfully made speaker for true connoisseurs...", - Wojciech Pacuła, editor
Qobuz STA-9 NuPrime STA-9 Fair Audio
" - exceptionally clean, clear sound, not least promotes a very pleasant, seemingly organic timbres representation.
- tonal neutrality, the sound image becomes but absolutely consistent and coherent.
- an impeccable resolution, delivered pleasant long-term compatible sound.
- well-balanced voice or midrange.
- excellent space: precise focus
- we recommended listeners to experience with both the stereo and mono version ", - Jörg Dames (

"...NuPrime's achievements have earned an excellent reputation, including its digital amplifiers, including the STA-9 model on power stages using a brand design and preceded by class A gain stages. Listeners get excellent sound results, which should reconcile the advocates of opposing opinions on the amplification classes!...", - Philippe Daussin (


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